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Hawk Tales Publishing LLC

Mongoose Diaries

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It was all just a big misunderstanding. Not on Team Mongoose’s part, but that of the King Cobra Cartel thinking it could bring down a mongoose. A king cobra snake has no chance in a fight with a mongoose. The cartel had no clue that Team Mongoose ate cobras for lunch. There is not a snake in the world that can match the speed of a mongoose. That’s the truth! However, speed was only one of the team’s weapons; we had many more.  

The time had come for Team Mongoose to show the world’s underground drug lords, thieves, murderers, and rapists that the mongoose was here to stay and fight; it does not matter where you are or how much money you have, you better not cross paths with the mongoose. Our team is ready to bite the head off of any cartel snake stealing life and innocence from humanity. If the world were going to be a better place, it would require the elite skills of the Special Forces teams. Make no mistake, if Team Mongoose hunts you down, you may die. We will eliminate the cartel stench from beneath every rock and inside every cave where you may be hiding. 

You have tried more than once to kill us, advertised large rewards and bounties on us, and even hired purist assassins who failed. Nothing has worked and you labor in vain. Cartels, listen up! You are in a league with the devil. Hell is where you play, and hell is where Team Mongoose will make sure you stay for eternity. 

Join Team Mongoose as we fight to eradicate evil! We will work hard and pray that we will make a difference in the orbit of drugs and crime. Some of us make the ultimate sacrifice, and it could even be you, because freedom doesn’t come free…

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