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Hawk Tales Publishing LLC

In The Eye of The Hawk: Book Two

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Ride shotgun with Hawk as he continues to serve and protect the people. In The Eye Of The Hawk – Book Two, more harrowing stories are revealed by Hawk and his intrinsic belief that each life matters. Since the beginning of time, wars have plagued humanity and wiped-out our tribes and nations, often due to the color of skin. Days go by and things appear to be fine until someone or something comes into your life and changes the very essence of who you are. Everyday law enforcement officers see the carnage that is left in the wake of tragedy and despair. They may not know who you are, but law enforcement officers are there to answer the call for help and intervene. They see the harm done from disparaging words, bruises, wounds, accidents, or cruelty inflicted on another. Their job is never-ending as they work to prevent escalation of incidents, arrest perpetrators, attend to the hurts and pains of those in need, and restore order.

In The Eye Of The Hawk – Book Two you will see a twist where even Hawk himself ends up entangled in the hurt and pains of a broken system and society.

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