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Broken Spirit

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Book Description:

Describe the word Tough in one word. HEATHER! A beautiful five foot six well-endowed 30-year-old woman who just happened to be, one hell of a kickass sniper. Her employer none other than the CIA as their #1 go-to assassin.

As beautiful as she was her specialty, was to sneak in, make the hit and sneak back out without so much as a ripple in the tides of secret warfare. Does not sound like a job a beautiful woman would have. Unfortunately, her spectacular reputation preceded her to the point that if she was not working for your government, she was the target. With 29 kills to her credit minimum of introducing some of the meanest people in the world to the devil, she had to find cover fast. That is when it happened. Love caught her eye. Bad timing, bad luck, danger took flight.

Heather was en route to Seattle, Washington having just finished the elimination of one such enemy of many countries in Monte Carlo. She was flying low to the desert floor when she made the decision to drop her wheels down and land at a little private airport in Nevada, nearing the Idaho border. She walked into the café and was immediately confronted by six drunk motorcycle jerks. Shiloh was already seated at the counter. Between the two of them, six gang members were thrown out of the café on their heads. After dispatching the perps, is when it happened. 

Heather had a job to do. Shiloh was on his first bucket list vacation. He wasn't looking for anything but time alone and a new horse. The cartels and organized crime wanted them both dead. He never saw either one coming. He was just a cowboy rancher at peace. Losing now was not an option. One had to emerge in victory while the other looked for life in all the ruins.

I know you are asking yourself, what does Heather have to do with a crying horse on the cover of this book? All I can say is that this book is worth your time to read. It is a fantastic story by Rex Barton.

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